Sunday, February 2, 2014

Meet Elder and Sister Holbrook, Temple Construction Missionaries!

Elder Kent and Sister Sherrie Holbrook began serving at the Hartford Connecticut Temple construction site as Temple Construction Missionaries in October 2013, after serving the construction site for the Phoenix Arizona Temple from June 1 through September 25, 2013.

Elder and Sister Holbrook’s home is in Centerville, Utah. They are the parents of four children, a daughter and three sons and are grandparents to eleven grandchildren, six girls and five boys.

The Holbrooks first became involved with the Temple and Special Projects Department in February 2012, following encouragement from Sister Holbrook’s brother, Mark Tingey. Brother Tingey suggested that the Holbrooks submit their biographies to the church to serve as Church Service Missionaries at a temple construction site because of Brother Holbrook’s background in architecture, construction and project management. Sister Holbrook’s background is in nursing, having been employed by Intermountain Health Care in Utah for 27 years, including 20 years managing the Labor and Delivery departments at Cottonwood and LDS Hospitals.

Brother and Sister Holbrook submitted their biographies and were subsequently interviewed at the Church Office Building on May 31, 2012. Because Brother Holbrook served his full-time mission in the New England Mission, those involved in the interview felt impressed that the Holbrooks should be called to serve at the construction site for the Hartford Connecticut Temple.

Elder and Sister Holbrook will serve at the temple site until the dedication of the temple. Their assignment is primarily to create a history of the temple construction for the church and also to become acquainted and interact with the contractors and workers at the site. Elder Holbrook will also assist the Site Manager, who is the Church’s full-time on-site representative.

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