Thursday, August 14, 2014

The latest news!

Here is the latest aerial shot of the temple....looking better every day!

Also, Elder Holbrook recently reported the following progress:
*The permanent roof is being installed following the installation of a temporary roof to allow us to work inside the building.
*The structural steel is erected, with the exception of the top 60' or so of the spire.
*The exterior steel window and door frames are installed and the metal studs for the exterior walls have been installed.
*The final basement floor has been poured and all of the main level concrete floors are poured and the concrete stairs at the font are poured.
*Rough electrical and plumbing is being installed and HVAC ductwork is being installed on the main level.
*Excavation has begun for the large underground storm water detention system, which will be installed under the parking lot in the southeast corner of the parking lot.

He and Sister Holbrook also wanted to extend their thanks to the many church members in the various stakes who have provided treats for the workers at the site. The workers are so appreciative of the recognition they're receiving as they build the Temple.

They report that they have many visitors, both members and non-members, at the owner trailer and we continue to encourage as many families and church groups as possible to visit the site while school is still out. After school begins, they will try to make themselves available to meet those who wish to come to the site on weekday evenings or on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and evenings.

Many, many thanks to Elder Kent and Sister Sherrie Holbrook! They are doing a wonderful work. Also, please keep sharing this site so we can broaden its reach in anticipation of the open house and dedication.

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  1. Thank you very much for this blog! We do not get out east very often, and love seeing the progress being made on this magnificent temple!